We offer a huge range of curtain fabrics sold by the metre directly to you, or which can be made into your perfect window dressings by us.

Our bespoke curtain making service offers traditional craftsmanship combined with contemporary design to complete your project from start to finish.

With a wide range of fabrics spanning from traditional to modern our highly skilled staff will guide you in order to make the correct choice to suit your needs.

Made to measure/bespoke curtains-

Having your curtains custom made gives you the ability to choose every aspect of the curtain making process from start to finish,giving your curtains a truly personal touch. From the choice of curtain heading to the type of lining you wish to use, along with your choice of fabric we can help you create beautiful bespoke window dressings. We have a vast range of curtain fabrics on display, all of which are available for you to take home and try in the comfort of your own home.With expert advice from our fully trained staff making the right choice is never a chore.

Ready made curtains-

As implied these curtains come already made up. Fully lined with a choice of headings, including 3” pencil pleat or eyelets.These types of curtains are more cost effective as they are mass produced in set widths and drops. However our highly skilled team of in house seamstresses are always on hand to alter the drops to your exact measurements or insert extra layers or types of lining. These types of curtains are great if you want a more speedy solution rather than having to wait for your bespoke curtains to be made.We keep hundreds of styles at Spot On each one available for you to take home in order to make the perfect choice.As always our friendly helpful staff are always on hand to offer advice on styles, colour and fitting.

Curtain linings.

  • We offer a range of curtain linings, including:-
  • Cotton sateen, our standard lining of choice. This is used to line medium and heavyweight curtains.
  • Blackout lining which In addition to blocking light,  also insulates and has noise-dampening qualities, due to its density and opacity.
  • Interlining provides another layer of fabric between the face of the fabric and the lining. Using interlining will make your curtains look  fuller and more rounded, giving them more opulent pleats. Most interlinings also have thermal properties, so they will help to block out draughts and reduce heat loss. This type of lining is ideal for door curtains and full length curtains.

We offer a range of curtain headings to choose from including:-

3” pencil pleat- The basic curtain tape, this gives a uniform top to the curtain and comes with 3 height positions. Can also be used to make valances. Suitable for fitting onto tracks and poles.

6” pencil pleat- A deeper, more  uniform pleat is achieved, thereby better suited to longer length curtains and valances.

Eyelet heading- Probably the most popular choice of the moment. Giving a more contemporary look and enabling the curtain to hang in perfectly straight folds from top to bottom. Curtains with eyelets take up less space than those with more traditional headings. The eyelets come in a choice of colours to match any pole. This style is only suitable for curtain poles.

Double or triple pinch pleat- This heading gives a more luxurious and permanent  pleat at the top of the curtain. It is hand sewn in using Buckram as a stiffener. It generally uses more fabric and can be used to make curtains or valances. This style is more suited to curtain poles than tracks.

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